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Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

If the tooth decay has reached upto the first 2 layers of tooth, then removing the decay and packing the cavity with tooth coloured filling becomes necessary.


  • If caries are left untreated, it spreads to the third layer of tooth called pulp. When the decay touches pulp, it causes pain and swelling. In this condition, ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is advised to save the tooth and restore its normal function.
  • In case of tooth injury(usually in front teeth) in which nerves of the involved tooth are damaged, the tooth turns darker in colour. Curing this condition also require ROOT CANAL TREATMENT.
  • In case of abrasion or cracking of teeth due to consumption of hard food items like Betel Nut(સોપારી), Tamarind Seeds(કચુકા) or Walnut Shells(અખરોટ), ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is highly advisable.


  • Lignocaine Gel for surface anesthesia
  • Deep anesthesia.
  • Cleaning and shaping of canal(root) by latest rotary files (pic) using APEX LOCATOR and ENDO MOTOR.
  • Disinfecting the open canal(root) with standard protocol
  • Tooth coloured filling to close the canal.
Root Canal Treatment
With help of most recent and advanced technology, we offer facility of single sitting Root Canal Treatment at our clinic.Sometimes top of tooth root get inflamed and not resolve by rct apicectomy is plan of treatment It is minor surgical procedure
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment

After Root Canal Treatment, crown must be placed on the tooth to ensure best result and further protection from cracking/fracture of tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Post(tiny screw) and Core

If the tooth structure is inadequate then, a post(tiny screw) is placed over the prepared Root Canal to provide more strength to the tooth. Final Crown is placed over this

Root Canal Treatment

Types of Crowns:

Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment